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         Scary Monster and Nice Spirite

We all at some time feel it … this feeling, this sensation, this adrenaline. When we are in danger it is when more it appears and is what it gives us the force to go out of difficulty, all … WE ALL in this world have it, some of them do not develop it, others if, others simply see it as a curse … as I pass to my 3 years ago …

                         SMn΄NS chapter 0
I was in the habit of being a normal girl, any world was saying that it was like an angel … (A nice spirite), was happy nice, sweet, had very good qualifications. My only friend (with the one that had more confidence) to the one that was telling him everything he was Jeff a boy of the same stature blond hair gray eyes, I was a girl of medium stature, chestnut-colored too clear hair, eyes color white honey, teas, many people were saying that my eyes seemed of crystal, that they were so pure, that they were reflecting this light of purity … when they were saying it to me, alone he was smiling and was thanking them for the compliment.Well they say that the appearances are deceptive, since when he was 13 years old I spend an accident, it was very late, my friends and I leave of one to be going to take and to give the return, from young woman I have too strong problems, have had to face several deaths, depressions and conflicts, so me desaojaba taking and one that again with drugs; after buying said drink embriagantes, we happen for an alley it was 12 o'clock of the night very late, a few rebels went out and threatened us, they were asking for our money and some drinks us, obviously they received as response one "not" it enraged them, they extracted his razors it us scare, we go out running, in this moment I felt too scared, it was too desperate, they us reached one of my friends gave him in the arm, we ran to it helping but they already it was about, they were striking it I remember that tears went out of my it was shouting that they stop but they were not doing it, I felt this adrenaline, this impulse, it was this darkness that had in my interior this pain … was not supporting it, was feeling me too scared, suddenly they took 2 girls who were with us, it was one it fights, Jeff I take and he said to me
- there is no time Amy, come on will see if we can go for help - alone after-
taste that was stretching me we were running they reached us.
Jeff was scared like I, they separated us, these damned ones also it was striking violently … it was doing that was waking my scary monster up, every blow that they were giving him was one for my, my darkness was increasing. Do not bear it, my pupils expanded and an enormous smile went out of my … I bit the one that was supporting of the neck, I invoke for the pain, later take the branch of that tree, I broke it they are a problem, he was feeling my too different body, it was obvious that he was not I, strike each of them, Jeff was in a bad way, one of them I take and star my head against a window, stay in a few seconds unconsciously,I woke up stubbornly, start one of the crystals that was staying, my head was covered of blood, but my eyes and my smile were still equal, it turned me to taking, when I was going away to hitting against another window, I buried the glass piece in his chest, extract it and I went away against other 5, it was raining blood, literally, remains covered by the liquid crimson color, throw the crystal, call to emergencies, I ran at once to Jeff's side, too many blood was spitting I was afraid for his life, put it in my lap, it saw me with this fragile look, with a torn voice amy said to me
- to … are you nice?, why so many blood? - only I said to him, Jeff rests … I will be nice …
I come the ambulance, at once they saw my other companions, attended to them, saw me with Jeff, the paramedics scared, I saw them and help shouts them, they saw the corpses and to us 2, took Jeff, in it get up to livid, two paramedics took me, of the arms, scare.
- what's up? - ask - you are detained by murder and for presenting symptoms of madness-
he said to me one of them
- wait … it is not what they believe, ‘ they us attacked, one of them I smash against them glass of this house! - note - only Jeff was defending of this damned! -
the subjects scared for the fury's expressions in my face.
- you it must be analyzed psychologically -
- for what carajos, am I nice?! -
They doubting, when a torn vos was heard, look and he was Jeff.
- officials, please … she is innocent … she defended me from them, they almost kill us … --jeff … - I said in a melancholy sigh
- in agreement, for the wounds first ire to the hospital
- said the same type ince without anything I rose to the ambulance itself in which Jeff was going. I happen one week and we go out well, even bandaged tapeworm the head and Jeff some wounds, 2 of our companions died … From this day, he was feeling pains in the chest, had to that it was for the impact of the glass, I never said anything, it was afraid to that my family me was returning to strike and scold, did not want to return to house … this place always it was a hell, too much bad memories. It wanted to leave this pain and I found the way.
In the school many girls hated me, they did not turn it to do, per years and days he was informing them in the park in the dawn, was feeling me alive and the better thing of all that is that it was happy … but everything has to finish some day. On the same evening it was with Jeff when masters of white came same, scare, I said to Jeff,-vαmonos do not have a good foreboding - it followed me in the same park, where it gets ready mas of 30 corpses buried by the hectare we ran. - Amy what does happen?, why do we run?-
It him could not lie, so I told him what it me gets ready spent, it is scares me, I saw as his pupils they were becoming small of the same fright, only lower the head, I embrace each other and he said to me. - calm amy, I will help you, you will not become like that, sure being the same and sweet amy that I know and even that you turn of way I will be to your side-
His hot embrace, tears and words I get up the spirit I smiled … at a way that I do not want to forget … Come to house, the first thing that receipt was a blow, I fell violently to the soil, my father was shouting me of things as my mother, could not support it any more … simply it went out, walk to the kitchen calmadamente, there it was, face me, the knife type butcher, take it, and … murder my parents, the whole place was full of blood, my pupils you expand, my opened well eyes, this dismal smile, throw a strong and strange laugh, hui of house Jeff was my only hope, but …They found me, this of white they took me and I gave to his place of work … the psychiatric one … this word hated this place, when they took me, seemed as if it was possessed, was shouting, was kicking out, it was something horrible, my clothes were changed into a white dressing-gown that was covering my feet, his sleeves also were long a type had collarνn that had a chain in, also in my hands and ankles, the chains it was tied to the wall, this desperation, of being able to walk along the whole damned one Quarter less power to come up to the door, debits in when it had one bandages in the eyes, according to this it was to isolate of what was removing me, was something stupid, was quite white, in the night nothing of light, of which they wanted that it was saving me! He was saying to the same incredulous one. One night remains totally slept, I was sleepy, it was running for the forest he is fleeing of something, it was chasing me was dressed like I, it was running with many desperation, this thing was saying to myself.
- I am just since you … do not run -
- you do not need it -
- I am just as your … -
it Continued running … In it I woke coke up at one stroke my head already gets ready dawned. Pass 2 years rotting in this place when, already it was the hour, manage slackens the chain that had in the neck, with the seized ones that they were using to clean the bath on that tape-worm them was putting to the chain, this morning the nurse I begin to give me my medicines, this with my angelic being,One takes them very calm and when volt I strangled it with the above mentioned chains. It gets ready listened that in to a few quarters had a neighbor who was a cannibal, take the keys, and I came untied, take the corpse of the nurse and take it towards this place, I opened the door with the key and it has it was in a corner, did not seem to be so human, was looking like a foreign creature, with this sweet appearance I threw the body and said to him.
- have, I brought a small gift-
Volt, it was something chilling if I scare, only that I did not demonstrate easy.
- is this for me?, that detail does mas of 5 years that not as a human being, with your permission small -
- it was a pleasure -
Began to tear the body into pieces, gave me a bit of disgust, volt to meeting with a good, hot smile.
-tell me, do not you want that it helps you in your escape? -
I was surprised, since it knew.
- good … I go 2 years and want to go out, already I sit down well -
-these persons will have you locked up until you die, it is difficult that it extracts you-
Stay silently lower the head
-well, can it help me? -
- clear, serious me a pleasure-
I smiled, told him my plan, I surprised his way of walking it was doing it in 4 broke ones literally, take the telephone and mark Jeff I said that there was rapid possible mas for me to the psychiatric one that to the end it gets ready gone out, the very satisfied acceptance. Every person who was crossing us it was bitting them in the neck killing them since it was bitting them near the most important venas who is in this part, take my clothes, clean and full of powder, change me, we go out of the place, the local policemen began to go out Jeff already is out.
- many graces -
I him smiled very grateful
- on the contrary I contradict thanks to you, you made me enjoy a banquet that I will not return to have-
He me smiled ask Him
I still have less than 24 hours in order that they kill me … today it is my last day, thank you very much, you are Nice Spirite, an Angel to to meeting helped-
Remain surprised with these words I him smiled and scorch I rose to the car and saw as the officials they took it, it was something sad but it was still happy, I felt again ….
Live …
Good I have this idea one year ago, the motive that I inspire was the song of skrillex, Sacry Monsters and Nice Spirites like the song speaks that we all have this double personality I wait they like it and it will try to raise a daily chapter.

sorry if this badly translated, I have bad grammar in English

Skrillex - Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites [link]
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